Best dry herb vaporizers 2018 - The ultimate list of conduction and convection vapes

Portable dry herb vaporizers are devices used to heat up and vape ground botanical. From pens to boxes these come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, but their functionality is very similar. Entry level vaporizers have limited functionality and a single temperature preset while more advanced models allows for in depth customizations and are compatible with smartphone apps.

In this list we feature the best dry herb vaporizers according to their category. To keep things clean and simple we display three devices for each section. Over time we will eventually go more in depth and add more categories.

Best dry herb vaporizers for beginners

Our top three vaporizer pics for dry herb beginners

User friendly and simple to use these are our top three loose leaf vaporizers for beginners. They use convection as source of heat and they only come with one or four temperature presets. Great for individual sessions and packed with flavor.

Number 1. Kandypens K-Vape

Kandypens K-Vape

We settled on the Kandypens K-Vape as our favorite dry herb vaporizer for beginners. It features three different temperature controls, great battery life and it's very easy to use. The design is slick and smooth and vapor quality is top notch in this price range.

Number 2. Atmos Jump

Atmos Jump

Second on our list is the Atmos Jump, another accessible botanical vaporizers for beginners. Comes with 5-year warranty and heat up time is of round 30 seconds. Has a single temperature profile but provides a smooth, rich, vapor production.

Number 3. VaporFi Atom

VaporFi Atom

The VaporFi Atom definitely deserves a place on the podium. This sleek and portable loose leaf vape has three temperature settings and it's powered by a big 3000mAh battery. Great for extended sessions and rich vapor.

Best dry heb vapes for intermediate users

Mid-range loose leaf vaporizers? Here are out top three pics for this section

If you're an intermediate user you probably already have an idea about portable herb vaporizers and their features. These vapes are our top three mid-range pics and come with some of the best quality to price ratios out there. They deliver more intense flavor and battery life is usually much better.

Number 1. Utillian 420

Utillian 420

Easy to use and very well built, the Utillian 420 is our number #1 recommendation for intermediate users. This conduction dry herb device has four different temperature presets and thanks to its glass mouthpiece offers clean, rich flavor every single time.

Number 2. Prohibited 5th Degree

Prohibited 5th Degree

Smart and easy to use, the Prohibited 5th Degree is a well balanced mid-range vaporizer. It has three temperature profiles, and uses magnetic connections with the cartridges and charger. You also get a concentrates adapter with the kit making this device extremely versatile.

Number 3. G Pen Elite

G Pen Elite

Probably the most advanced dry herb pen in this section, the G Pen Elite looks sleek and performs flawlessly. Has an LED display and allows the user to adjust the temperature between 200 to 428. Comes with its own credit card style grinder and battery life is off the charts.

Best herb vaporizers for advanced users

Top of the line dry herb vaporizer for the pickiest users

If price is not a major set back, then get ready to enjoy some of the best dry herb vaporizers on the market today. These state of the art device are packed with features and deliver the purest and most intense flavor. Engineered to perfection and powered by exceptional batteries, these vapes will definitely not disappoint.

Number 1. The Crafty

The Crafty

If you're looking for the best vapor production and clean, smooth flavor then the Crafty is the way to go. This German dry herb vaporizer is one of our all time favorites and uses convection heating. Comes with its own smarphone app and has built-in Bluetooth. It's a bit on the bulky side but its performance is hard to beat.

Number 2. Pax 3

Pax 3

The Pax 3 is one of our favorite bottom oven dry herb vaporizers. It's full of features and delivers some of the most impressive vapor quality in this list. Easy to use, intuitive and very portable this is the Rolls Royce of botanical vaping.

Number 3. DAVINCI IQ


With a beautiful design and unchallenged performance, the DAVINCI IQ is a true engineering masterpiece. This sleek dry herb vape uses Zironia airpath for clean rich flavor and has four different temperature settings.

Best Convection dry herb vaporizers

Here are our top three vaporizer pics for convection heating

Convection heating is expensive to implement but absolutely shines in terms of flavor and vapor production. We listed below or top three convection dry herb vaporizer pics ranked according to their overall performance. Powered by good batteries and full of features, these top of the line vapes are recommended for intermediate and advanced users.

Number 1. Arizer Solo II

Arizer Solo II

The Arizer Solo II is one of the most technologically advanced convection vaporizers we ever tested. With a vibrant LED display and glass vapor path, this device is a real cloud champ. Heat up times are under 30 seconds and build quality and performance are top of the line.

Number 2. Prima by Vapir

Prima by Vapir

It's not as well-known as its competitors but it's a really impressive dry herb vaporizer. The Prima by Vapir use convection as heating source and has four separate temperature settings. Powered by a generous 3,200mAh battery this is great for shared sessions with friends.

Number 3. Utillian 721

Utillian 721

One of the cheapest convection vaporizers out there, the Utillian 721 is built to impress. This simple to use rectangular vape has eight different temperature presets and features single button operation. Flavor and vapor are really impressive and battery lasts for well over an hour.

What is a dry herb vaporizer? What are the main differences between devices

Vaporizers explained

Vaporizers or dry herb vaporizers are electronic devices used to heat up grinded botanical. After reaching a certain temperature the oils inside the plant become volatile and thus inhalable. Since there's no combustion we don't have all the nasty by-products like smoke, tar or ash.

A dry herb vaporizer is comprised of three main parts: the battery, the chamber or oven and the mouthpiece. Some models only have a single button while others come with LCD displays and the ability to adjust temperature in 1F increments. The battery can be built-in or removable and the mouthpiece is usually made of glass or plastic.

Battery life and heat up times are usually what sets these products apart. The better the battery the more session you can enjoy on a single charge. Also faster heat up times allow for cleaner flavor and a smoother draw.

Main features of dry herb vaporizers

The wide majority of portable herb vaporizers work with conduction heating. This means the oven is surrounded by an element that heats up when electricity passes through it. The heat is transferred through the oven to the grinded botanical which helps release the essential oils trapped inside. Conduction is cheaper to implement, reliable and widely spread among entry level and mid-range vaporizers.

Convection heating is more expensive, but it offers superior vapor quality. Instead of heating up the plant mixture by direct contact, convection uses a stream of hot air that passes through the oven. This results in uniform extraction of the essentials oils and lesser chances of partial combustion. The technology is commonly used in more expensive vaporizers.

Advanced dry herb vapes use a glass or Zirconia air path for a smooth and pure flavor. Other devices use all sorts of gimmicks to cool down the vapor and improve the natural aromas. However the main features of any dry herb device are temperature presets or temperature control.

The differences between mods

Dry herb vaporizers come in a variety of shapes, sizes and prices. We advise beginners to focus on products placed in the $80 - $120 margin. These offer the best quality to price ratio and are perfect to start vaping. Entry level vaporizers usually have one or a couple of temperature presets and work with conduction heating. The chamber is made from ceramic material or stainless steel and battery capacity is usually under 2000mAh. Heat up times are not that great but the overall experience is really nice.

Mid range botanical vaporizers are a bit more advanced and usually cost more. The wide majority of these products still use conduction heating but come with more temperature presets and even precise temperature control. Battery life is much better and oven capacity is slightly higher.

Top of the line dry herb vaporizers are the most expensive but they offer the best experience money can buy. Build quality is top notch, they are packed with all sorts of features like haptic feedback and LED lights, have built-in display and Bluetooth, come with dedicated smartphone apps and most importantly – they use convection heating.

Mod Kits Compared