Best e-liquids 2018 - The ultimate list of popular vape juices

E-liquids are very important in the vaping process. They are responsible for flavor and nicotine buzz. But with tens of thousands of juice brands on the market today it's probably hard to settle down on just a couple of flavors. From high PG and nicotine salts to high VG alternatives we're going to present our absolute favorites.

In this section we feature only the best vape e-liquids according to their categories. With a very user friendly approach we decided to list only three products in each section. Over time we will expand our ranking criteria and bring you even more products.

Best tobacco e-liquids

Our top three pics from tobacco flavors

Tobacco is probably the first flavor you will ever try on your box mod or starter kit. And while it's never going to taste similar to combustible cigarettes, it has that nice robust flavor smokers love. We are going to take a closer look at our top 3 tobacco juice recommendations and rank them according to flavor, vapor production and quality to price ratio.

Number 1. Black Note

Black Note

With some of the best tobacco flavors on the market, Black Note is our number #1 pick for this category. Naturally extracted and tweaked to perfection, all these juices are best enjoyed on low power mouth-to-lung atomizers for the ultimate experience. Rich in aftertaste and very complex, it's line of flavors we totally recommend.

Number 2. Naked 100

Naked 100

You've probably heard about Naked 100 due to its dessert flavors, however they make some really good tobaccos as well. Everything from American Cowboy, to Euro Gold and Cuban blend will make you enjoy vaping more and more.

Number 3. Truebacco Vapor

Truebacco Vapor

One of the most affordable top shelf tobacco e-liquid lines is Truebacco Vapor. They sell a diverse array of flavors, and they all work best on mouth-to-lung atomizers or low output tanks. PG/VG ratio is usually 50/50.

Best menthol e-juices

Fresh and minty e-liquids line-up. Here are our top three pics for this category

After tobacco, menthol is probably the second most popular e-liquid flavor out there. It's loved by millions of users and it's responsible for that fresh breeze down your throat. Some of these e-liquids are very potent, that's why it's best to use them on mouth-to-lung setups, while others are milder and work well on direct lung atties too.

Number 1. Mr. Freeze

Mr. Freeze

Get ready for a mild brain freeze because Mr. Freeze E Liquid is our number one pic for minty e-juices. Packed with flavor and very affordable these delicious e-liquids will make you crave for more.

Number 2. FRZN


Packed with fruity goodness and with that incredible minty aftertaste, FRZN E Liquid is another winner in the menthol juices line-up. You will usually find them in 60ml bottles and flavors such as apple, guava or pink lemonade.

Number 3. Naked 100 Menthol

Naked 100 Menthol

The Menthol series from Naked 100 is incredibly popular, and for good reason. They have three of our all time favorites and these work best on any type of vape setup.

Best dessert e-liquids

Sweet treats for any time of the day. Here are out top three dessert juices

Dessert flavors are the guilty pleasure of any vaper. From the hundreds of thousands of brands and mixes we settled on our top three favorites. Sweet treats for any moment of the day that will leave you craving fore more.

Number 1. The Milkman

The Milkman

Smooth, soft and silky, all the The Milkman E Liquids are absolutely amazing and our number one favorite dessert vapes. From Pudding to Strudelhaus, these delicious treats are best served on airy sub ohm tanks or drippers.

Number 2. Dinner Lady

Dinner Lady

Decadent, rich and incredibly appetizing, you simply cannot go wrong with Dinner Lady E Liquids. With a diverse line up of marvelous desserts we recommend trying their products on sub ohm tanks at over 40W for the best experience.

Number 3. Cuttwood


An absolute classic, and one of the most popular e-liquid brands out there, Cuttwood has slowly build a solid reputation among vapers. From their lip-biting Unicorn Milk to other delicious treats they are one of our all time favorites.

Best nicotine salts

Nicotine salts are perfect for pod mod or vape pens. Here are our favorite brands

If you're craving for that authentic buzz, then nicotine salts are your best option. These delicious e-liquids are perfect for pod vaporizer or for tiny vape pens and they come in a variety of concentrations and flavors. We settled on our favorite three for this section.

Number 1. Mr. Salt-E

Mr. Salt-E

One of the first companies to ever put out a nicotine salts line, Mr. Salt-E has remained one of our favorites. With a wide range of delicious flavors you will find them in either 25mg or 45mg concentrations.

Number 2. Solace


Packed with flavor and with a very strong nicotine buzz, Solace is another big player in the nicotine salts section. You can find their products in 30mg and 50mg concentrations and a wide array of flavors including Dragonthol and Butterscotch.

Number 3. NKD 100 Salt

NKD 100 Salt

When we first tried NKD 100 Salt juices it was love at first puff, and we're pretty sure you're also going to be impressed. Fruity, minty and refreshing these juices work great inside any pod mod or low output vape.

E-liquids explained. Lear more about the juice inside your vaporizer

E-liquids explained

E-liquids or vape liquids are the substances used with electronic cigarettes, vape pens or box mods. These usually contain nicotine and are available in thousands of flavors. They are transparent, often with slightly amber tints, and come packed in plastic or glass bottles.

Vape e-juice is usually made from four ingredients: vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, flavorings and nicotine. The ratio between vegetable glycerin or VG and propylene glycol or PG is what characterizes an e-liquid. The higher the VG concentration the thicker the juice and the more vapor it will produce. The higher the PG concentration the thinner the e-liquid and the more flavor and throat hit it will produce.

E-juices regularly come packed in 30ml, 60ml or 120ml containers. There are made from plastic or glass and usually are fitted with dropper caps.

Main features of vape tanks

The nicotine concentration varies by brand, however there are a few industry set standards. We usually get our e-juices in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 9mg or 12mg nicotine. Other manufacturers also use 18mg and 24mg but these are only suitable for mouth to lung inhales.

Nicotine salts e-liquids are a different type of substances, made with benzoic acid. These allow for higher nicotine concentrations but with a mild throat hit. You can usually find these products in nicotine concentrations of 25mg, 45mg, or 50mg.

Maximum allowed nicotine strength in the European Union is 20mg. At the same time, maximum bottle size for nicotine containing liquids is 10ml.

The differences between e-liquids

E-liquids are usually differentiated according to their flavor. Out of these, tobacco and menthol are probably the most common and the most used by beginner vapers. Over time they slowly make the transition towards sweeter e juices like fruity or dessert flavors.

50-50 VG/PG or max PG e-liquids are usually best for beginner setups. Everything from vape pens to pod mods and low output vaporizers. These juices are thin enough to prevent dry hits on such small coils.

60/40 or 70/30 VPG juices are considered to be universal and these work fine on any type of setup. They offer a perfect balance between vapor production and flavor and they are the most popular choices for most vapers.

80VG, high VG or max VG e-liquids are best for big clouds and sub ohm setups. These require professional coils that can cope with the high viscosity and are intended for direct lung inhales. The flavor is a bit muted and the throat hit is very mild but vapor production is at its peak.

Nicotine salts juices are usually used with pod vaporizer or tiny all in one vapes. These offer a great throat hit and a massive nicotine buzz. Vapor production is not that great but their main purpose is to be stealthy and effective.