Innokin Cool Fire IV
Build Quality
Battery Life
Ease of use
  • Great looking mod
  • On/off switch on the base
  • Only 2000mah built in battery
  • No temperatura control
3.7Overall Score
Reader Rating: (1 Vote)

The Cool Fire is yet another device from Innokin that managed to build a solid reputation across the years, despite the fact that is has constantly changed its appearance. The first Cool Fire was a tube shaped mod while the second was similar to a hand grenade. I’m not exactly sure what happened to the third version (from I know was never released) but the Cool Fire IV is a thing of beauty. This is perhaps one of the sexiest box mods I’ve ever come across and a certainly very nice surprise considering the $50 price tag.

The brushed metallic finish is absolutely gorgeous and the silver insertions combined with the battery vent holes complement it so well. It has a very ergonomic shape and it’s a pleasure to vape and to hold. In fact is remarkably similar to Kanger’s KBox, but this one is powered by an internal battery rather than an external 18650. An speaking about the battery, this one is rated at 2,000mAh – which puts it in the same category with other compact box mods like the iStick 30W.

And while in terms of battery life there are more competitive devices out there, in terms of looks the Cool Fire IV is a clear winner. And despite the fact many of the colors might appeal to the female audience more, the red one I have receives so many compliments. Some people have told me that it looks like a sports car and each time I catch someone staring it puts a smile on my face. But the general reaction is ‘Hey man, where did you get that? How much does it cost? That looks incredible!’

Like many other product from Innokin, the Cool Fire IV comes in its own transparent plastic box and inside you are going to find the mod, a user’s manual (written in very good English), an 510 to eGo adapter and a white micro-USB cable. The build quality on the mod is really nice, and as I mentioned earlier it feels amazing in the hand. This particular model probably has one of the most natural shapes from all the devices I’ve used so far and the buttons seem to be positioned perfectly. It’s also very solid and the quality of materials used is top notch.

On the top side we have the 510 connector with some nice-looking airflow channels for the tanks that still get the air from underneath. On the bottom we have an ON/OFF switch – a thing that to me is very unique. And on the side we have the firing button, the OLED display, the adjustment buttons and the charging micro-USB port. One thing I love about this mod is that you cannot accidentally change your voltage or wattage because you need to keep the buttons pressed for a few seconds before you can make any adjustments. And speaking about volts and watts, this bad boy can go from 3 to 7.5 volts and from 6 to 40 watts, with a minimum tank resistance of 0.3 Ohms.

Switching between the modes is easy and all you need to do is keep two buttons pressed simultaneously for a couple of seconds. Fitted with a sub ohm tank – like the iSub from Innokin (which you can get in matching color) or the iSub G (glass version) this beauty turns into an absolute beast and it can spit out clouds like a choo choo train. I’ve been using it with my iSub G for the last couple of days and I have to say I’m impressed. From my point of view this is an almost flawless mod that offers great value for the price you pay. Excellent choice for both beginners and intermediates.



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