Joyetech eVic VT TC Full Kit
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Temperature control seems to be the hottest trend to hit the e-cigarette industry and so many manufacturers are struggling to come up with reliable products that are both powerful and easy to use. I don’t know if you are familiar with this or not, but when temperature control was first introduced, you could only benefit from it if you had an RDA and made your own coils using Nickel (Ni200) instead of the regular Kanthal. Now Joyetech released its latest eVic and this one offers the full advantages of temperature control but with the added benefits of replaceable atomizer heads.

So what they wanted to do with the eVic VT TC was to bring temperature control to the masses and they didn’t went solely for Nickel coils but also decided to feature some unique Titanium coils as well. And not only did they succeed at doing this, but they also managed to produce one of the hottest looking mods of 2015 with a designed clearly inspired from your typical race car. I got mine in ‘Racing Yellow’, which really says a lot about the whole aspect of this mod and I’ve been vaping on it for the last week or so. I did enjoy temperature control with one of my DNA 40 mods but I kind of left it behind for the last months as so many new mods have been released on the market and I just had to try a couple of them out.

Inside the box you are going to find the mod and you have three different color options to choose from: Racing Yellow, Cool Black and Dazzling White. Besides the mod you are also going to find Joyetech’s eGo ONE Mega sub ohm tank fitted with the 0.2 Ohm Nickel coil inside (colored in red), an extra 0.4 Ohm Titanium coil (colored in blue), a user’s manual (which I advise you to read before using the device), a micro-USB cable, a wall adapter and a skin made from silicon. As much as I appreciate including the skin and the fact that it can protect your mod from scratches, what’s the point of having such a gorgeous device with such a stunning finish if you are going to keep it in a silicone pouch?

The eVic VT TC is about as big as a regular DNA 40 mod, and it has a glossy paint finish combined with shiny stainless insertions on the top. Here is where we can spot the 510 connector with spring loaded gold center pin and the twist controller. On the main side we have the big OLED display and the firing button and the charge port is located on the lateral side. On the bottom there are plenty of vent holes to keep the battery cells from overheating. And speaking about the battery, this mods has a massive 5,000mAh internal unit.

Operating the eVic VT TC is no easy task, especially if this is you first time holding it as the twist controller does take some time to get used to. To me it was a huge pain in the ass for the first two days but know I’m able to scroll through the menu and change settings like a ninja. The temperature control works incredibly well with both the Ni and Ti coils, but you can always use the mod with your regular tank fitted with Kanthal in variable wattage mode.

The tank has a capacity of 4ml and does come with adjustable airflow. It matches the color of the mod and it’s able to produce mind-blowing clouds. Keep in mind that the coil heads are a bit on the expensive side, with a five pack of Ni 0.2 Ohm spares going for around $15. On the other hand they do offer temperature control and they tend to last a lot longer than their Kanthal counterparts.

Depending on the type of coils you are using you can switch through the various temperature control settings and the eVic TV TC can go from 200-600 Fahrenheit (100-315 Celsius). It can also go in variable wattage mode from 1 to 60W and an output voltage of maximum 8 volts.

It’s a great device for everyday use and it can change the way you were vaping. The sub ohm coils deliver tremendous vapor and the fact that you can adjust the temperature gives you complete control over the whole experience. I give this device an A+ in terms of design, functionality and vapor production.

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