Kanger Subox Mini Kit
Build Quality
Battery Life
Ease of use
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with an RBA deck
  • Great flavor and vapor production
  • Requires careful wicking
  • Coils don't last for a long time
  • Vapor is quite hot at average wattage
3.9Overall Score
Reader Rating: (2 Votes)

I have been a huge fan of Kanger’s Subtank series and I bought every single one of them from the regular to the Mini and even the Nano. They revolutionized vaping for me and I spent a lot of hours of all sorts of forums and online communities trying to tweak them to the max and get the best flavor and vapor. I even played with a friend’s KBox when it hit the market but even though it was a great device I wasn’t that impressed with the functionality, however when I heard they wanted to release an improved version fitted with a display I was so thrilled.

So I’ve been expecting the Subox Mini for the last two months and now I finally managed to get the black version, after numerous attempts at ordering it online and being totally disappointed with the stocks and pre-orders. But to me it was worth the wait, and now I’m rewarded with one of the best vaping experiences of my life. I love how Kanger thought of everything when they designed this kit and it totally kicks ass. They even made some minor adjustments to the Subtanks and they now produce clouds like a locomotive.

But let me tell you what you get inside the box and then we can move on to functionality and performance. So besides the compact 50W mod you do get a Subtak Mini in matching color fitted with a 0.5 Ohm coil inside, a spare 1.5Ohm coil, an RBA base, a user’s manual, charging cable, and goodies to build your own coils. The ones inside the box are made with Japanese Organic Cotton and they deliver the optimum flavor I was craving for. The RBA base is rather similar to the atomizer heads, and it offers the possibility to make your own coils (from Kanthal, as it doesn’t have temperature control) besides the two already built ones inside the bag. When building these coils you should know you can’t go lower than 0.3 Ohms, but in my opinion that’s more than enough for any right minded vaper.

The first thing you’re going to notice is that the Subox Mini is more lightweight and compact than the original KBox even though it’s powered by the same 18650 type of battery and this comes also with an added OLED display. The mod is pretty well built and perfectly balanced with great ergonomics. It’s made from Zinc alloy and it offers plenty of durability and resistance to scratches. The finish is also superb and it tends to draw a lot of attention when used (especially if you’re in a crowd).

On the top side of the mod you are going to notice the 510 connector, which – unfortunately – is not spring loaded nor adjustable. This is going to make it a bit difficult to mount other tanks that are not manufactured by Kanger simply because the threading is quite deep and many of them don’t have protruding pins. On the main side we have the firing button, the display, the adjustment buttons and the micro-USB charging port – and it’s great to be able to recharge your battery without the need of an extra wall charger.

The coils have been redesigned and now they are vertical and used organic cotton as wicking, which makes a great difference. Depending on the style of vaping you are used to you can either use the 0.5 Ohm coil for direct lung hits or the 1.5 Ohm coil for mouth to lung hits. For anything in between, above or beyond this you can use the supplied RBA base and get creative.

Using the Subox Mini is simple and intuitive and the tank produces an incredible amount of vapor. You do get a slightly warmer vape with the 0.5 Ohm coil but you can easily fill your room in a couple seconds with it. The flavor is also very accurate and matches any one of my RDAs so you do get an incredible experience for the $80 you pay. You can also buy a five pack of coils for around $15.5 so they are pretty expensive but they do deliver plenty of clouds. Overall a great device to vape all day long!



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