Best rated vape tanks 2018 - The ultimate lineup of winning sub ohm tanks

Vaporizer tanks are powerful and versatile. They are essential to the vaping process and this is where the e-liquid gets heated up and transformed into clouds. Tanks work with replaceable atomizer coils and they usually feature airflow adjustment and top fill. Perfect for any category of vapers - from beginners to pros - these products are easy to use and easy to clean.

In this list we feature only the best vape tanks according to their category. To keep everything clean and intuitive we decided to list only three products in each section. Over time we will expand our criteria and bring you a more in depth look.

Best vaporizer tanks for beginners

Entry level sub ohm tanks for people who just made the switch. These are our top three picks

We focused on the most accessible and user friendly vaporizer tanks in this section. Entry level products that are easy to use and great for beginners. From mouth to lung tanks to more powerful lung inhale alternatives, these are our top picks for people who have just made the switch.

Number 1. Innokin Zenith

Innokin Zenith

Designed by Phil Busardo himself and Dimitris Agrafiotis, the Innokin Zenith is an ideal vape tank for beginners. This mouth to lung champ has a total capacity of 4ml and uses two types of coils - the 0.8 Ohm and the 1.6 Ohm. Airflow adjustment is perfect to get the tightness you need and flavor and vapor are some of the best out there.

Number 2. Aspire Nautilus 2

Aspire Nautilus 2

Walking on the footsteps of a legend, the Aspire Nautilus 2 is one of the greatest mouth to lung tanks ever made. Uses the same types of coils as its predecessor as well as a new 0.7 Ohm version. Flavor is really intense and the vapor is smooth and delicious with every single draw.

Number 3. Asvape Cobra

Asvape Cobra

The Asvape Cobra tank is excellent for beginners looking for that loose, flavorful direct lung draw. This 24mm / 3.8ml cloud champ features really good coils and a nice top fill systems. It's easy to use, reliable and perfect for big clouds and amazing flavor.

Best sub ohm tanks for intermediate users

The perfect balance between power and user friendliness. These are out top three sub ohm tank for intermediate users

Intermediate users want to push their vape a step further and these sub ohm tanks are perfect for getting it done. Reasonably powerful and easy to use, these devices are intended for clouds and flavor all day long. We listed only our top three favorites below

Number 1. Aspire Athos

Aspire Athos

Protected by a solid metallic sleeve, the Aspire Athos is a sub ohm tank built for deep flavor and rich clouds. This 25mm / 4ml stainless steel beast features pour to fill system as well as some of the best coils we ever tried.

Number 2. VooPoo UFORCE


Featured in the majority of VooPoo's best selling kits, the VooPoo UFORCE sub ohm tank is a true engineering masterpiece. This mid-range tank delivers impressive flavor and vapor and the coils last for a very long time. Excellent for intermediate users is offers an incredible quality to price ratio.

Number 3. Aspire Cleito EXO

Aspire Cleito EXO

When it comes to mid-range sub ohm tanks, the Aspire Cleito EXO is hard to beat. This impressive cloud chucker uses Claton coil technology for the purest flavor out there. Coils are very good and the top fill system works like a charm. One of the best tanks money can buy.

Best vape tanks for advanced users

Highest quality sub ohm tanks revealed. Here are our top three pics for advanced vapers

These tanks have been designed with a sole purpose in mind - ultimate sub ohm performance. Top of the line products intended to be paired with high power box mods for the most exhilarating cloud chasing experience. Get ready for the final showdown between coils.

Number 1. SMOK TFV12 Prince

SMOK TFV12 Prince

The SMOK TFV12 Prince offers performance that's very hard to beat. This cloud champion has a total capacity of 8ml with the bulb glass on and features some of the best coils money can buy. Top fill system and airflow adjustment work like a charm and we consider it the ultimate sub ohm tank for any high power mod.

Number 2. Uwell Valyrian

Uwell Valyrian

One of the most revolutionary sub ohm tanks on the market, the Uwell Valyrian is very impressive in terms of vapor and flavor. It features a coil pin system that's intended for finely tune the overall experience. Has a capacity of 5ml and a very cool top fill mechanism.

Number 3. HorizonTech Arco 2

HorizonTech Arco 2

With its vacuum plated colored glass walls, the HorizonTech Arco 2 is one of the most beautiful sub ohm tanks we tested. Designed for big clouds and unparalleled flavor, this state of the art atty has a 25mm diameter and a capacity of 5ml. It uses a revolutionary mix of cotton and flax inside its coils for better wicking and enhanced aroma.

Best sub-ohm tanks for high VG eliquids

Want to vape high VG juices? Here are the top three tanks that can do this without issues

High VG e-liquids offer a very smooth and cloud rich experience, however they cannot by used with any type of tank. The ones we picked are perfect for thick juices and they won't struggle with wicking even if you decide to chain vape. Advanced sub ohm tanks for the vape connaisseurs.

Number 1. Limitless Mod Co Verso

Limitless Mod Co Verso

The Limitless Mod Co Verso is our number #1 pick for vaping high VG e-liquids. This sub ohm powerhouse can handle 80% VG without any issues and you can take it as high as 140W. Massive clouds, excellent flavor and one of the most technologically advanced tanks out there.

Number 2. iJoy Captain X3

iJoy Captain X3

Nothing handles high-VG juices better than the iJoy Captain X3 sub ohm tank. This 8ml bad boy features the most incredible X3-C3 coils, which will wick without flaw even at 100W. It has that nice pour to fill mechanism and the build quality is off the charts.

Number 3. SMOK TFV12 Cloud Beast King

SMOK TFV12 Cloud Beast King

One of the most well known sub ohm tanks to ever hit the market, the SMOK TFV12 Cloud Beast King is still a great option for high VG juices. This solid cloud chaser has a capacity of 6ml and features that nice swivel top mechanism for hassle free refills. It also comes with some of the best coils money can buy.

Vape tanks explained. What are the main categories of products

Vaping tanks explained

A vape tank or atomizer is a tubular product made from stainless steel and glass where the e-liquid is stored and transformed into vapor. They are designed to work together with box mods or vape pens and use the same type of connector called 510. Vaporizer tanks come in a variety of sizes and diameters but what sets them apart are the coils.

Any sub ohm tank is made of three sections: the e-liquid reservoir, the coil or atomizer and the mouthpiece. These are all held in place with threaded connectors and filling method varies depending on manufacturer and model. The coil is usually surrounded by e-liquid, which slowly saturates the wicking material inside through the small feeding holes.

When the user presses the fire button on his or her mod, electricity passes through the coil, heats it up and vaporizers a small layer of e-liquid. As the e-liquid gets vaporized, more of the substance gets naturally absorbed into wicking material due to the negative pressure created.

Main features of vape tanks

Vaporizer tanks are mechanical devices and they work principal is very much the same. Main features of these products are the ability to adjust airflow, the type of fill mechanism and the technology behind the coils. Airflow is usually adjusted via a rotating ring at the base. The more open the holes the more air passes through the coil. This is particularly useful when vaping at high wattage.

Top fill tanks are the most popular and easy to use. Older systems involved unscrewing the bottom part to refill with e-liquid, but this has become a thing of the past nowadays. The only time the user needs to take off the bottom part is when replacing the coil or cleaning the tank.

Depending on the resistance of the coil, we have regular tanks and sub ohm tanks. Sub ohm tanks are when the resistance is below the 1.0 Ohm limit. This allows for bigger clouds, better flavor and higher outputs. Depending on the style of draw we have mouth to lung tanks and direct lung tanks. Mouth to lung tanks offer a tight draw, very similar to that of real cigarettes. Direct lung tanks offer a looser draw, very similar to that of shishas. Both types of inhales have their pros and cons, however direct lung draws are the most popular.

The differences between vaporizer tanks

Not all tanks are the same and that's why it's crucial to understand which type of device you need before picking a favorite. Many starter kits come with a vaporizer tank included, but if that is not the case here are a couple of recommendations.

Beginners should look for entry level tanks which are designed for mouth to lung draws. There are products which offer several types of coils and let you make the transition from mouth to lung to direct lung; however MTL vaping is very close to smoking a cigarette. These tanks are simple to refill, easy to use and don't require extra maintenance.

Mid-range tanks are a bit more powerful and are usually intended for direct lung draws. These come with sub ohm coils and adjustable airflow. They are great to be used between 25 – 50W and they assure consistent clouds and good flavor.

Top of the line sub ohm tanks are perfect for advanced users. These have low resistance atomizers, different airflow adjustments and can cope with high VG e-liquids without a problem. They are built for cloud chasing and great flavor and they are usually bigger and more expensive.

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