Tesla Two
Build Quality
Battery Life
Ease of use
  • Simple one button design
  • Great battery life
  • Compact
  • A bit heavy
  • Unregulated
  • Charging port on the base
3.3Overall Score

Box mods are my favorite, and I really appreciate it when a company releases a product on the market that’s rather unique. The Tesla Two is going to be a massive hit mainly because it addresses a niche, namely people who are looking for a vaporizer that’s both compact and powered by a huge battery. Stealthy mods are great for day to day use, but not all of them have big batteries and using them is a bit complicated if you’re not into all that variable voltage / variable wattage thing.

The Tesla Two clearly is a box mod that made for beginners and using it is so easy because all you need to do is recharge and press the firing button. It combines the power and the usefulness of a mechanical mod with the safety features of an advanced personal vaporizer. But this is in fact an unregulated mod and therefore vapor production is strictly linked to the remaining battery capacity so do expect to notice a difference between the first few puffs and the ones taken after 2-3 hours of usage.

It comes packed in a very nice presentation box and inside you are going to find only the mod and a user’s manual. Just like in the case of a true mechanical mod, there’s no charging cable with the Tesla Two, despite the fact that the battery is internal. It does come with a micro-USB port and finding a cord is not that difficult in today’s world but it would have been nice to come with everything it needed. The battery on the other hand is an absolute beast and it’s rated at 4,000mAh so there’s plenty of power for everyone’s needs. And besides the big battery capacity, this mod can go as low as 0.1 Ohm so that’s truly spectacular.

But the fact that I guess I love the most about the Tesla Two is that it matches my WOTOFO Atty Cubed so perfectly and I can vape it at insanely low resistances without having to worry about the batteries. Usually you need a very good and expensive battery to reach 0.15 Ohms for instance, but with this Tesla there are no concerns. Also the build quality on it is very good considering the relatively small price tag and the finish is aluminum. It comes in four different colors – Red, Blue, Black, and Silver and the form factor is rectangular and stealthy.

On the top there’s the 510 connector that comes with a silver coated copper pin but for overheating purposes they have it protruding 1-2mm. This means that even though your tank or RDA is going to screw completely inside the 510 connector there’s always going to be a small gap, which for me is a bit annoying (and to be honest this is the only thing I did not like about the mod). On the main side we have the firing button which has a LED indicator light and this shows the status of the battery.

The charging port on the Tesla Two is located on the base, which is not that great if you use it with an RDA like I do, but I found a workaround to charge it while it stands up straight with the help of a small metallic stand. There are also some vent holes on the base to keep the internal batteries cool.

In day to day use this compact box mod kicks ass and I’ve been vaping on it for quite some time and the battery is still not completely discharged. I did however notice the vapor quantity and quality dropping down dramatically over 30mins ago and I guess it’s not going to take much longer. But overall I’m impressed with the experience and with what this tiny metallic device has to offer.



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