If you buy something called a starter kit than chances are you have a tank or some type of atomizer inside the box to use with your e-liquid, but if you only buy a regulated or unregulated mod then you need something to mount on top of it in order to start vaping. We are going to take a look today at the various types of atomizers for your mod and talk about their pros and cons.

Not many people use small eGo style clearomizers on their box or tube mods, however there are vapers who enjoy the tight draw, high resistance and the mild throat hit. On many of today’s high end mods you don’t even get a connector for the eGo style threads but there are adapters out there that can do the trick. These small clearomizers have capacities between 1.5 – 2.5ml of e-liquid and work with small atomizer heads that have to be replaced each two or three weeks, depending on the style of vaping. They don’t produce big clouds, however the experience can be more than satisfying for a person who enjoys mouth to lung vaping and because of the big resistances and low wattages the mod batteries last for days. It’s the ideal setup for a vacation but nothing near a sub ohm kit. (experience level: beginner)

Tanks (or regular clearomizers) are probably the most common type of atomizers used by vapers worldwide and this is because of a variety of advantages. They mostly work with pre-build coil heads, have a big e-liquid capacity and deliver a stellar experience when paired with a good mod. Some models work with a single type of coil but others offer a wide variety of such accessories and offer mouth to lung vaping, direct lung vaping and even temperature control. The quantity and quality of vapor depends on the model but there are some pretty impressive performers out there which are totally worth the price tag. (experience level: beginner, intermediate, advanced)

Rebuildable tank atomizers (or RTAs) are also very common especially among experienced vapers and they offer the same benefits as regular tanks but without having to spend so much money on spare coils. These work with user built resistances and require wicking but the experience is highly customizable and sometimes it surpasses the one on clearomizers. Some tanks come with a rebuildable coil or deck with transforms them in an RTA and these are perfect for people looking to make the transition in the future. (experience level: intermediate, advanced)

Rebuildable dripping atomizers (or RDAs) are some of the most basic types of products but at the same time they can deliver the biggest clouds ever. This is due to the fact that they only work with user built coils and they require the necessary understanding of electricity and resistances. You can build single, double or even quad coils on them and you can also use twisted wire like Clapton, Tiger or Alien without any difficulties. They are destined for direct lung inhales and the flavor is just incredible. (experience level: intermediate, advanced)


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